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Welcome to the official website of the Law office „Dorel Rotaru”

      Law office „Dorel Rotaru” provides highly-qualified legal services based on honesty and respect. Our office is headed by a professional attorney at law with vast experience in jurisprudence, who has the right to represent clients in any instance of the Republic of Moldova and abroad.

      Dorel Rotaru is the holder of the License for practicing advocacy, issued by the Licensing Board of the Bar of the Republic of Moldova. He is practicing law in accordance to the law of the Republic of Moldova “on advocacy”. 

      Our office provides services based on privacy and responsibility; we offer highly-qualified assistance in different legal domains.

       Law office „Dorel Rotaru”  holds the following principles in working with our  Clients:

Quality and professionalism
Our office employs professionals who have repeatedly confirmed their high skills in facing challenges.

Individual approach
There is no panacea against “all problems”.  Every time when starting a new case, advocate Dorel Rotaru performs it only on the basis of the Client's real situation,  trying their best in avoiding patterns and prejudgements.

The success of any project depends on the decision and its implementation quickness. Responsiveness  represents one of the key elements in our activity.

Working with Clients' information and documents, we respect the strict confidentiality and exclude any information leakage during and after the end of our cooperation.

        No matter at what procedural stage your case is, first instance, instance of appeal, cassation or revision, if you want an experienced attorney at law to represent your interests in front of justice authorities, contact our office immediately. We look forward to hearing from you!


        Legal advice
        Debt recovery
        Registration of enterprises
        Negotiation and conciliation


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